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2017 Teeswater Sheep Breeders' Association Annual Show and Sale



Above: Our Champion Dr G & Mrs K Horner's Tup lamb and Reserve D and G Newboulds Gimmer Shearling.

Leyburn Auction Mart

Thursday 5th October 2017

Annual show & sale of 158 Teeswater Sheep on behalf of the

Teeswater Sheep Breeders Association sponsored by

I’Anson Bros of Masham; Pearsons Farm Supplies; Walter Dawson Accountants;

Northern Nutrition and Shearwell Data.


Judges were Trevor Addison, Barnard Castle and John Dawson, Clapham.

Today’s Champion was a Ram Lamb from Dr Giles & Mrs Kieran Horner, Whitby and made 600gns to Mark Elliot of Knaresborough.

Chosen in Reserve place was David & Gill Newbould, Ripon with a Gimmer Shearling selling to Colin Willoughby, Redmire for 850gns.

With an increased entry and a large crowd which supported the sale to the end prices were favourable for all qualities. 

Prize list:

Aged Rams

1st          FW Graham             620gns

2nd       Mrs P Le Cornu       480gns

3rd       D Pilkington             90gns


Shearling Ram

1st       Dr G & Mrs K Horner        580gns

2nd       FW Graham                         750gns

3rd       DE Waine                              Reserved


Ram Lamb

1st & 2nd         Dr G & Mrs K Horner        600gns & Reserved

3rd                   Bainbridge Bros                  260gns


Gimmer Shearlings

1st & 2nd        D & GC Newbould              850 & 450gns                    

3rd                   W Carson                              320gns



1st                   D & GC Newbould              140gns

2nd                   MC Peirson                          135gns

3rd                   Mrs P Le Cornu                   150gns

Gimmer Lambs

1st & 2nd         Dr G & Mrs K Horner        440 & 220gns

3rd                   D & GC Newbould              230gns

Other principal prices:

Aged rams: FW Graham 500gns, BK Chandler 280gns.

Shearling rams: FW Graham 400gns, 380gns, Bainbridge Bros 340gns

Ram Lambs: Bainbridge Bros 620gns, 380gns, CW Marwood & Son 350gns,

MJ Croft 240gns, D & GC Newbould 240gns X 2, RW Wallis & Sons 240gns.


Ewes & Gimmer shearlings: W Carson 360gns, 340gns, 320gns, 300gns x 2.

Gimmer lambs: D & GC Newbould 390gns, 300gns, 210gns,

Bainbridge Bros 380gns, 240gns.



Aged rams to 620gns average 328gns (up 75)

Shearling rams to 750gns average 214gns (down 161)

Ram lambs to 620gns average 241gns (down 45)

Ewes & Gimmer Shearlings to 850gns average 196gns (up 1)

Gimmer lambs to 440gns average 193gns (down 25)


Thankyou to all our sponsors:


Weeton Show 2017


Zac and James Morphet took their Teeswaters to Weeton show on a showery day. James won the Rare breed ram class, aswell as the rare breed ram lamb class and long wool fleece. In the Rare breed ewe lamb class he was second and in the ewe class was forth. In the Young Handler class James was second.

Zac was also in the rosettes, taking 3rd in the Rare breed ram class, 4th in the Rare Breed Ewe lamb and 4th in the Young Handler class. Very well done to both boys.



Ryedale Show 2017


Champion Longwool: Dr and Mrs G Horner.

David Newbould Judged strong classes of Teeswater sheep at Ryedale show. The results are as follows:

Class 123 Aged Ram:

1st Dr & Mrs G Horner,      2nd M Elliott,        3rd Mrs P Lecornu,        4th Miss G King.                   Class 124 Shearling Ram:

1st Dr & Mrs G Horner,              2nd Dr & Mrs G Horner,     3rd M Elliott,           4th Miss G King. Class 125 Ram Lamb:

1st Dr & Mrs G Horner,       2nd Dr & Mrs G Horner,      3rd Mrs P Lecornu,          4th M Croft.  

Class 126 Ewe having reared lambs in 2017:

1st Dr & Mrs G Horner,          2nd Miss G King,          3rd M Elliott,         4th Mrs P Lecornu.  

Class 127 Shearling Ewe:

1st Dr & Mrs G Horner,         2nd M Elliott,        3rd Mrs P Lecornu,        4th Dr & Mrs G Horner. Class 128 Ewe Lamb:

1st Dr & Mrs G Horner,        2nd Dr & Mrs G Horner,        3rd M Croft,        4th Miss G King.

Class 129 Group class for 2 females from different classes and 1 male:

1st Dr & Mrs G Horner,        2nd Dr & Mrs G Horner,        3rd M Elliott,        4th Miss G King. SPECIAL Best woolled Teeswater: M Elliott

SPECIAL Champion and Reserve Champion Teeswater:

Champion Dr & Mrs G Horner, Reserve Dr & Mrs G Horner.


Great Yorkshire Show 2017


The weather was not very kind for the breed judging on the Tuesday but the classes were large and the quality of sheep on show a real credit to their breeders and keepers. Mr M Croft had the honour of judging.

The full results are:

Class 689: Aged or Shearing Ram:

1. Mr M A Elliott.              2. Mr B K Chandler.         3. Mr M A Elliott.

Class 690: Ram Lamb:

1. Ms A E Pennell.            2.Mr B K Chandler.          3. Mr A J Fisher.

Class 691: Hogg in Wool

1. Mr A J Fisher.                                2. Mr B K Chandler.         3. Mr M A Elliott.

Class 692: Ewe

1. Mr A J Fisher.                                2. Mr M A Elliott.              3. Mr M A Elliott.

Class 693: Gimmer Shearling:

1.Mr A J Fisher.                 2. Mr E L Sherwin.            3. Mr M A Elliott.

Class 694: Gimmer Lamb

1. Mr B K Chandler.         2. Mr A J Fisher.                                3. Mr M A Elliott.

Class 695: Group of Three

1. Mr A J Fisher.                                2. Ms A E Pennell.            3. Mr B K Chandler.

Male Champion: Mr M A Elliott.                 Res Male Champion: Ms A E Pennell.

Female Champion: Mr A J Fisher.              Res Female Champion: Mr A J Fisher

Breed Champion: Mr A J Fisher.                 Res Breed Champion: Mr M A Elliott.


In the fleece section the Teeswater section was won by Adrian Helm and Pam Morrish. This fleece went on to become the longwool champion fleece.


The overall Wool on the Hoof winner was Anna Pennell.

North Yorkshire County Show

Champion Teeswater was Mike Peirson with his tup lamb.

Reserve Teeswater was Anna Pennell with her gimmer shearling.



Ram or shearling ram:

1. Pam Morrish. 2 Mike Peirson  3. Pam Morrish

Ram lamb:

1. Mike Peirson.       2. Pam Morrish

Ewe or shearling gimmer:

1.Anna Pennell. 2.Pam Morrish  3.Mike Peirson  4.Pam Morrish

Gimmer lamb:

1. Mike Peirson            2. Pam Morrish

Royal Norfolk Show


The rain fell on the judging day but the Teeswaters were very well represented in the any other longwool breed section. The results are:

Class 698: Aged Ram:

2. M A Elliott.

Class 699: Ram in Wool

2. A J Fisher.

Class 700: Ram Lamb

1 A Pennell

Class 702: Hogg in Wool

1 & 2 A Pennell

Female Champion: A Pennell.

Section Champion: A Pennell.

Wool on the Hoof

1 & 2 A Pennell

Interbreed Pairs

3. Teeswater (A Pennell and A J Fisher)


15th National Show and Sale of Traditional and Native Breeds

Melton Mowbray 2013 Mark Elliott wins Teeswater Champion and Reserve. His Champion also won Interbreed Champion!

Teeswater sheep will be for sale on the 8th and 9th September 2017, at the Rare Breeds Survival Trust show and sale at  Melton Mowbray Auction Mart - Scalfod Road, Melton Mowbray,

Leicestershire LE13 1JY  

 01664 562971 









For 2016 results please see the following websites:





2017 Teeswater Sheep Breeders' Association Annual Show and Sale

Our Association's Annual Show & Sale of Pedigree Teeswater Ewes and Rams, is held every year in the Yorkshire Dales at

Leyburn Auction Mart, Richmond Road, Leyburn, North Yorkshire. DL8 5DP                

01969 623167                            


The 2017 sale will be held this year on Thursday 5th October 2017



Class 1. Registered Teeswater Aged Ram

Class 2. Registered Teeswater Shearling Ram

Class 3. Registered Teeswater Ram Lamb

Class 4. Registered Ewe

Class 5. Registered Female Shearling

Class 6. Registered Gimmer Lamb





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